Corporate Identity

Be Different

Brand Identity is a collection of elements – logos, fonts, colors – a company creates to portray the appropriate image to its customers. Its goal is to differentiate the own brand from others. To gain advantage over competitors and to win market share, your company needs a strong brand identity and it has to be different.

WAT_LAB will help evaluate your company’s business area and create a digital strategy based on identifying methods of customer attraction and business growth.

How We Do It

To build or renew an already existing Brand Identity and Digital Strategy, we use our experience and creative branding skills. First, we have to dig deep in your business affairs by taking into account the past and the present. We analyze your business branch, your target customers, your competitors, your advantages and disadvantages. We discuss how your company sees itself and how it would like others to see it. In summary: We will make your business different.

Corporate Identity & Branding

Logo re/design

One of the key visual elements of brand identity is your company’s logo. The logo design is crucial for a successful brand and its marketing. Creating an attractive logo is not everything. It has to connect with your company’s messages and what your business stands for.

Business cards

Official stationery plays an important role even in the 21st century. Business cards introduce a company to potential customers and can offer the very first impression of a business.

Brand Patterns

To the most fascinating branding elements belong brand patterns. These are responsible for a unique brand experience and a distinguished brand recognition. Whether you need brand patterns for tags, billboards, packaging, outfits or simply for promotional purposes, we are here to help. They can easily contribute to an advantage over your competitors.

Email Signature

One of the most underestimated marketing tools is a professional email signature. It offers a distinguished brand visibility and an increased traffic to your website. Imagine sending out 20 emails per day. If you count with 250 labour days, that makes 5.000 email signature appearances on the computer of your partners and customers per year. In case you have 10 employees who send out the same amount of emails, that makes it to appear 50.000 times per year.

Branded Playlist

A marketing opportunity on the rise is music streaming. Streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer have recently become a new way to consume content. The fact that the audio streaming market is not exploited yet, streaming platforms and podcasts are real treasures that can improve the digital strategy and create a major advertising opportunity for businesses.

Social network profile

A social media business page can give a major boost to your revenue these days. Many customers use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to begin with the search for content and services they are interested in. In case you don’t have the time or know-how to set up or manage your business page on social media, contact us to discuss how we can help you. We will also design a social media cover image that will be a reference point for your followers on social media.