We are


aka White AlligaTors.

Not a separate alligator species, but considered extremely rare.
Just like hitting the jackpot: one in a million!

We are practically impossible to find in the wild because we have moved our home online. Hence, we are here. In front of you. Not biting and not hurting. It’s not always easy to locate alligators like us as our survival strategy is based on camouflage. Being natural predators we will use lots of weapons at our disposal and not hesitate to use intelligent tricks to gain an advantage.

White alligators, like us, are useful creatures for society, especially for businesses. We are ready to do the job that will give your brand new perspectives.

One thing is for sure. We belong to the most feared animals of the world. Our cold-blooded nature converts us into real masters of our domain.

Though alligators do undoubtedly have an appetite for human flesh

we prefer data more

For all these reasons we are attractive to masochistic creatures willing to cater to our dark desires. We love to keep score of our conquests and are looking forward to welcoming you soon among them too.